Monday, February 11, 2013

Starting Chinese New Year With A Bang

We had a combined CNY service at TOP this morning. It was hard dragging ourselves out of bed in order to be in church by 8:30am for Hubby to attend worship practice.

In recent years, the first few days of CNY are for sleeping in because we've no high-priority visitation duties to fulfill ever since the passing on of our parents. Hubby and I have attained seniority and moved up in the pecking order and so now it's the duty of younger family members to visit us.

Anyway we were blessed at the service with the word of God and also two oranges and an angpow each - the real thing with RM10 inside - from the church.

Last Sunday Pastor Gideon encouraged the ladies to come in cheongsam on New Year's day so, being an obedient church member and someone who delights in dressing up, I jumped on the opportunity to wear a red cheongsam that I had bought two years ago but had not found an occasion yet to wear.

I really like this red cheongsam. The colour, material and fit are fantastic.

After service, we were on our way to buy Subway for lunch when we hit a car that was illegally parked by the side of Patani Road. I didn't know what happened because I was busy answering CNY greetings that had come in during service.

All of a sudden I heard a bang and when I looked up I saw that the rear-view mirror had been knocked out of position. We parked the car in front of a shop-lot and when we inspected the car we were shocked at the extent of the damage to it.

We had to call Baby Sis to pick us and send us home to get my car. She came with Jewel and Poh Lin. Three beautiful angels to our rescue!

By the time we waited for the tow truck to arrive, went to make a police report and send the car to Auto Bavaria it was already past three. We just couldn't wait to crawl into bed to catch up on our much needed sleep.

Our poor baby!

So you can say that we literally started the year with a bang! Thank God no one was hurt.

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