Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovely Night Out With My Lovelies

First we went in search of thin crust pizza for Jewel and found it at Lunarich. The pizza was fantastic although it was pretty pricey. Baby Sis paid more than RM40 for the one pizza we ordered.

We decided that we should bring Baby Brother here on our next sibling night out because they have pizzas that are suitable for vegetarians. I'm bringing Hubby here 'cos they have tenderloin steak. Or we could go to Angus House for Japanese chargrilled steak

Baby Sis and Jewel with the pizza taking centre stage

We wanted to sit inside but I felt that the tables and chairs were placed too close together and with military precision. They look as if someone had measured the space between the tables to make sure that they were the same distance apart and at right angles with one another.

I wasn't the only one who felt that way. When we compared notes on our unanimous decision to sit outside, it was due to the same reason.

We actually planned to take in the lights at Kek Lok Si after dinner but changed our minds when we saw the jam at Jalan Air Itam. Instead we went for mille crepe cake and coffee at Humble Beginnings at Straits Quay.

Then I received a delightful surprise when they sent me home. Jewel presented me with a lovely set of kerosang to wear with baju panjang. It's a thank you gift from her and Joshua for my taking care of their mom while they were away.

What a timely gift! We're wearing baju panjang for our performance on Chap Goh Meh and I needed a pair of kerosang.

Thank you Jewel and Joshua!


pamsong said...

Eh. Bella Marino got wat. Even Dominio's.

Melsong said...

We wanted to eat at Gurney Paragon. Went to ask Italiannies first. The girl looked at us like never heard of thin crust pizza so we quickly cabut. Then I remembered that Uncle Kee Lin's wife said the thin crust pizza at Lunarich is very good. That's how we landed up there.