Monday, December 10, 2012

Romance Is Still Alive

I read this on one of my Facebook friend's post on Saturday. She is one fortunate girl to have found a such a brave and wonderful guy who would go through so much effort to proclaim his love for her publicly. I am glad romance is still very much alive today.
the deepest heartfelt thanks is not even close enough to how grateful i am for all your well wishes!

it was an amazing surprise to start off my favourite time of the year. Aaron Goh was a sneaky little monkey who managed to get the whole cast and crew of Wild Rice's Hansel and Gretel to spring this on me.

it started off with the curtain call at the end of the show when the lead said there would

be two free tickets to their next production for whoever was sitting on the seat number they had randomly picked. surprise, surprise they called out my seat number. so here i am, thinking to myself 'oh yay! got prize!' (i've never won anything from these lucky draws before) and skipped my way up the stage.

after a few jibes at how i looked familiar, they asked me how i came to know about the show and i said that the lead keyboardist was my boyfriend. that was his cue and he came out from the wings singing! i was in shock! i seriously thought i was being pranked!
i must have looked really silly with me alternating between asking 'what's going on??' and having my hand clapped over my mouth in shock.

he ended the song by going down on one knee amidst the cheers of the cast, crew and audience. and the rest, as they say, is history :)
Congratulations, Grace and Aaron! I am so happy for both of you. Keep it up and I am sure you are both going to build up a great repertoire of memorable moments to share with your children and grand-children.


Those who are interested may watch the video here. I believe this shouldn't be an infringement of privacy since it was posted on Facebook and Youtube.

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