Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dillip And Evelyn From Perth

Lillian invited me over for lunch with Dillip and Evelyn from Perth. After a lovely Malay lunch which they really liked very much, we had a great time chatting over coffee, tea and coconut water.

On the way back from their visit to the Khoo Kongsi, Evelyn couldn't resist buying 3 coconuts because they are so cheap. According to her, they normally cost AUD2 each, and that's when they are on sale.

Dillip and Lillian
I like people who think and during our conversation Dillip asked a very interesting question: Why are all the cannons at Fort Cornwallis located on the North Eastern side of island, facing the mainland? Why not on the western side facing the open sea? Did the British only expect an invasion from the mainland?

Hmmm, I never really thought about that. I suppose it would be easier to invade Penang via the narrow channel than to go one big round to the other side which, incidentally, has never been heavily populated. It also makes more sense to protect the northeastern part of the island where the population is densest and the commercial district is located.

His wife Evelyn is Teong's latest good friend. We told her about Teong's eccentricities and she confidently replied that if she can handle Dillip, she can handle him! Haha, looks like he has met his match.

Teong and Evelyn
My afternoon was spoilt by work problems that cropped up and required my attention.

Anyway I left with a splitting headache and is running a fever now. Gotta take care 'cos my friend's boss tested positive for H1N1 last week and was admitted into hospital.

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