Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jazz Charity Night on 30 November 2012

We were privileged to be the guests of Grace and Boon Hoe for the Jazz Charity Night held at Bayview Beach Resort in conjunction with the 9th Penang Island Jazz Festival.
This is my lovely and grace-ious hostess
Hubby and I
The rest of the people at the table who we know were Chee Keong, Priscilla, Jacob and Helene. We also met Mary Ann, Boon Hoe's sister-in-law and Cindy, Boon Hoe's youngest sister who looks like she is in her thirties. I didn't believe it when she said she is nearing fifty.

I am always impressed by these people who can "hide their age" so well. Being slim is a great advantage because most middle agers, like me, are beset with middle age spread. :( And that gives away our age. Boo hoo hoo.

The opening act was a local jazz singer but, poor girl, most people were concentrating on the food. I also couldn't get her name because there was so much echo from the mic.

Then Mezzotono, a 5-piece a capella, group from Italy took to the stage. They were fantastic! Their harmony was superb and I am amazed at how they could produce the most incredible sounds vocally. Their show was a delight to watch because they also injected some comic moments into their performance. I am sure we would have enjoyed the show more if we understood Italian or the barese dialect they sang in.

Mezzotono from Italy
The main act was the Estudiantina Ensemble from Cuba (pronounced KOO*ba). They perform in authentic Cuban Traditional Guaracha, Bolero, Danz√≥n and Son styles that were performed by estudiantina groups that were popular in the eastern region of Cuba during the late 19th century.

The Estudiantina Ensemble from Cuba
Again we didn't understand a word they were singing. Such a waste, because they were singing from their heart so there was a lot of emotion involved. The only familiar song we knew was Besame Mucho which was also sung in Spanish.

But whether we understood the lyrics or not, music is a language of the heart and soul. We felt the emotions even though we did not undertand the language. And the rhythm, yes the rhythm and the beat, got me swaying to the music and tapping our feet.

Thanks again Grace and Boon Hoe for jazzing up our night!

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