Sunday, July 15, 2012

Starting on r12

Yesterday we launched a new cell group series entitled r12. r12 really sounds like some health supplement but, in a sense, that is an apt description because it is a spiritual health supplement.

We are embarking on an exciting adventure in pursuit for true spirituality as laid out by the apostle Paul in Romans chapter 12.

In the introductory session I wanted to remind the cell members on 3 matters with regards to spirituality. As usual, things did not turn out the way I expected :-( so, for the record, here's what I actually planned to say.

  1. Do not confuse religiosity with spirituality. At the same time we cannot deny that spiritual disciplines are often a means to a deeper relationship with God. And spiritual disciplines like prayer, fasting and good works are, more often than not, the outflow and fruit of a vibrant relationship with God.

  2. Do not confuse theological knowledge with spirituality. We can know a lot about God without knowing God. On the other hand, we cannot know God without knowing about Him. A desire to learn more about God and His ways should be the result of a love relationship with Him.

  3. Lastly, do not compare yourself with others. Who are we to judge one another on spirituality? Only God knows the heart of a person. Instead of judging another brother or sister we would do well to check our own personal walk with the Lord and why we do things we do. Are we doing them out of love for God or love for the approval of people?

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