Saturday, July 14, 2012

Annual Cell Durian Feast 2012

Somehow we have made it a cell tradition to have a durian feast once a year.

This year the organisers wanted to order RM400 worth of durians! We persuaded them to scale it down to RM200.

When the durians arrived - together with the mangosteens and rambutans - I thought there would not be enough for us to eat our fill. I was even more concerned when the first few durians they opened had worms.

As usual I overestimated our eating capacity. We had just enough for everyone and we ate our fill without reaching the point of diminishing returns.

To top it off, this year we also had steamed pulut, courtesy of Frankie Teh, to go with our durians. This is the traditional nyonya combination with durian and it would have been perfect if we had fresh santan to drench over our pulut and durian.

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