Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Celebrations 2012 - Part 1

Last night I had my first birthday celebration for 2012.

It was a sibling's night out and so I thought of trying some place new. I suggested and we all agreed on La Boheme even though Baby Sis had been there before. Baby Bro got swept along by his two bossy elder sisters and had little say in the decision-making

Nevertheless whether we actually eat there would largely depend on their food passing muster with Baby Bro who is a vegetarian. Much to Baby Bro's relief, La Boheme was already closed so we took up his suggestion to have dinner at the Permai Village Cafe instead.

I found the interior to be a tad spartan and to be lacking in ambience for nice photographs. The food, however, was surprisingly good and did not taste vegetarian at all. There weren't any fake meat stuff inside and the flavours went so well together that they did not not seem contrived at all.
Foccacia Sandwich with Wedges, Quesadilla and Spaghetti A'la Lemon

We ordered and shared the three dishes above. My favourite was the spaghetti. I simply love the refreshing lemony aroma that infused the whole dish.

Since we are at a stage where we gain weight simply by looking at food, Baby Sis and I just ate our fill and Baby Bro had to finish the rest. I believe this kind of bullying is acceptable.

After that it's time for dessert and so we proceeded to China House for coffee and cakes. So semangat, driving from one end of town to the other.

We're supposed to share two slices of cakes but I couldn't resist the selection available so again we ended up with three types of cakes - Lemon Poppy Seed with Sour Cream Cake, Something with Raspberry Cake and Apple with Rum Raisin Cake.

Top: The only picture with the 3 of us was blur due to the waiter's shaky hands. Bottom: Baby Sis putting on her lipstick in readiness for the shoot. On the right from top to bottom: Poppy Seed Cake, Latte and Rum Raisin Cake

The many faces of the happy birthday girl with the Raspberry cake and more

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