Monday, June 13, 2011

Plenty of Sunday Left

We were among the few who were left behind last Sunday when the whole church went to Kampar for church camp.

We wanted to visit PCC but, after breakfast at Arati Vilas, we ended up at Fettes Park Baptist Church instead. Fettes Park Baptist Church is less than 5 mins drive away from our apartment and we saved so much time on the road.

The worship was beautiful. I especially liked the smooth flow from song to song with minimal comments from the worship leader. They had a guest speaker who spoke on the Father heart of God.

The service that began at 10am ended at 12 noon. After lunch and some grocery shopping we went home and managed to accomplish so much that afternoon. For once we experienced the advantage of going to a church near home that has an early Sunday service. No wonder many people change church whenever they relocate.

It was a real luxury for us to have plenty of Sunday left after church and it turned out to be was one of the best Sundays we have ever had in a long time.

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