Monday, June 20, 2011

Hospitality Par Excellence

I was in KL over the weekend and since I was left to fend for myself on Saturday night I decided to impose on our old family friends' hospitality.

By the time I arrived at their condo after GPSing all the way from KLCC to Bandar Utama I was already feeling feverish from the durian supper the night before and the car trip down under the hot mid-day sun.

They offered a session on their massage chair hoping to clear my headache that way but that didn't really work. Nothing really beats a real massage by a human being but unfortunately all the expert masseuse they know have been booked. : (

Due to my over-heated constitution, they took me for a steamboat dinner in order to avoid anything fried or grilled or heaty. It's the Pulau Ketam steamboat that 'bee loves and it's now available at Ikano with individual pots of soup for the dinners. That's more hygienic that having everyone dunk their utensils into a communal pot.

By the time dinner was over I was only looking forward to fall into bed but first I asked for the Old Man Tea they first introduced to us many years ago when we ended up at their door-step with a headache.

To my surprise they don't have any at home. How can! We always have a few boxes in stock. Just in case.

Anyway, they went all out of their way to find a Chinese medical hall in BU that's still open at 9.30pm to purchase 2 boxes of the tea for me.

I was already shivery when I took a quick shower but after 2 Panadols and a cup of the tea I could feel the fire behind my eyes receding. Miracle cure!

This is the Tan Ngan Lo Tea that we have since introduced
to so many other friends (photobooth picture flipped
so you can see the actual packaging)

After a good night's sleep in their daughter's room, I was resurrected when morning came. I was then given a short tutorial on low-impact exercises that I videoed but have not yet downloaded nor put into practise.

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