Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in KL (15-17 May)

I drove down to KL with Lillian and Jewel last Friday.

It was a really long journey with stops to make calls to a client and a media owner in order to defuse a potentially catastrophic situation. One party was asking for cooperation and the other party was yelling blue murder for breach of promise. Anyway we ended up with a win-lose situation. As expected, the client won.

The car was super heavy because we brought down my mother-in-law's sewing machine for Pam. It's an appropriate inheritance to pass on to her 'cos her obsession with a perfect fit has cost her a bomb in terms of alteration expenses and sometimes she is still not satisfied with the result.

Ah Ma's hand sewing machine looking good as new.
Pretty box contains all the sewing parphernalia I packed for her.

By the time we arrived we were all so tired that we just crashed until it was time to get ready for Men in Tutus. We were very hungry but we were already late so we had to resort to cornetto to lapik perut or "lace our stomachs."

Colourful seats at KLPAC so the audience
don't lose their seats after intermission

The promotional snippet for the show was really hilarious so our expectations were very high. As in most cases where expectations are too high it led to some disappointment.

But there were some high points as well. We almost died laughing over the dying swan - dropping feathers all over the stage - act by Victor Trevino. He is the artistic Director and our compere for the night. We loved the expressive faces of some of the dancers and Joel Morris as Odette in Swan Lake was simply amazing.

Victor Trevino in his dying swan costume. Check out his eyelashes.
They are the longest pair of falsies I've ever seen!

That's Joel Morris in his Odette costume between Pam and me.

Some of the dancers were so pretty and petite that they could well pass off as ballerinas but when we saw them in their own clothes after the show they didn't look all that effeminate at all.

Pam then took us to a Beef Noodle stall at Jalan Alor for dinner. The soup was black! I still prefer our Penang Beef Noodles.

The next two days were spent on our feet shopping all day. Lillian the shopaholic would wake up every morning and start counting how many shopping hours she's losing simply because we could not get our driver and tour guide out of bed.

Totally beat

Pam gave Lillian (her Khai Ma/god-mother) and me a belated Mother's Day treat at Pavilion's Dragon-i on Saturday night. Thank you 'bee.

The food was scrumptious and the company was even better. Lillian and I regaled our daughters with some grandmother stories, most of which they have not heard before.

We had such a good time that we lingered over dinner. Eventually we were the only diners left. The restaurant switched off the aircon and we still sat there. Then they switched off some of the lights. We finally took the hint and left.

The thing that wore us out this trip, more than the walking and shopping, was the heat. I have always thought that the weather in KL is cooler than Penang but this trip proved me wrong. The heat was energy-sapping, like a blast from the oven and we just wilted, melted and evaporated. Evaporated was Jewel's description.

Then I came back and heard that it was just as bad in Penang.

We had a lovely ladies' weekend. Should do that more often. Lillian and I had so much catching up to do that we talked all the way down to KL and all the way back. 10 hours of talk. Talk what also I don't know.

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