Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Bee Has Gone Back

Mother's Day would not be Mother's Day without my babee by my side so she made my day by just being here. Thanks, 'bee.

Spending time with her is the best Mother's Day gift of all even though it is for only a few hours and must end too soon. As I told my badminton buddies there is a time limit to my Mother's Day gift!

As a mom I treasure every minute with her, so bear with me as I grouch.

Other people who return home on weekends get to leave KL latest by the 9pm on Friday night but not her. Due to her absurd and topsy-turvy working hours, she has to take the terrifying midnight bus and arrive at 4.00am or catch the Saturday morning Firefly flight out of Subang. Both options effectively deprive us of precious hours with her.

I think the time has come for us to pray for open doors to other career possibilities that are professionally fulfilling, less stressful and able to give my 'bee more normal working hours as well as better work-life balance.


estherlauderlyn said...

Hahah Hello Auntie! Remember me? The scrawny kid who opened the automatic gate at USJ 9 for you when you were in KL visiting Pam? You blog exactly like Pam lah. It's really cute :)

Happy Mothers Day! :)

Melsong said...

Yes, yes I remember you. You're not scrawny at all. Just nice. And BTW, all the Lau girls are turning into real beauties.

Thank you for the greetings and for visiting.