Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Broom and Magic Beans

When I said I wanted to sweep her room, she asked me to use the broom and a dust-pan in the attached bathroom. I went in to look for the items but I could see neither broom nor dust-pan.

She did not reply when I sms-ed her for the exact location of the broom. Undaunted, I conducted another search and found this hanging on the wall....

So cute and in such a pretty shade of pink too, but totally useless

Can you imagine anyone sweeping with this teeny weeny thing? Like main masak-masak only and makes sweeping a very back-breaking task.

But the next day, like Jack's magic beans, they have grown to become....

A full grown broom and dust-pan! Note: Some colour change
is to be expected in the growing up process

Magic happens when Mommy comes to town.

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