Saturday, July 12, 2008


She greets me enthusiastically when I come back from work. She cries pitifully if, for whatever reason, I have to leave the house again. And she will continue to cry until I return. In the morning she will be standing by the iron gate, all worked up and agitated as she watches me leave the house.

That is Princess, a Miniature Pinscher, who has found her way into my heart.

Princess waiting to be fed

Princess sitting senget-senget and looking longingly at her food before the "Go" command is given

According to her mistress, she came into our lives more than 12 years ago. To tell you the truth, I used to hate dogs and it was in response to my daughter's appeal for a pet that I finally agreed to bring a dog into our home. After all, if I cannot give her a sibling, the least I could do is to let her keep a pet. The very first time she asked for a pet she wanted a horse! so I really thank God for small mercies.

Right from the start it was clear how Princess viewed us. It was evident in the way she related to each one of us. My babee was the mistress, and rightly so, because she bought Princess who absolutely adored her; hubby was the master because Princess feared him and I was the slave because the feeding and cleaning up was soon left to me.

Then 7 years ago, my babee left home and Princess was left behind. Gradually, over the years, she and I began to bond as we grew old together. Now she is an old lady totally devoted to me. It's a nice feeling to know you are a significant person to someone, even if it's only a dog.

Princess today with white eyebrows and white hair around her mouth

Some things never change. She still has her signature senget-senget sitting position

As for hubby, he is still terrorizing Princess and provoking her into barking fits of frustration whenever he pretends to hit me. He says he is keeping her heart strong and giving her purpose in life (protecting me) without which she would not have withstood the ravages of time.

Princess has changed my perception of dogs. They are the finest example of unconditional love and undying devotion. A dog is indeed a (wo)man's best friend.

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