Friday, July 11, 2008

A Just Man

I went to a few florists for quotations but they were all so expensive so I decided to ask my sister to arrange the table centrepiece for me at a fraction of what I have to fork out. When I told hubby he made the following comments.

BTW, these are not his exact words, just the gist of it. I am lousy when it comes to quoting people verbatim.

Hubby: You always complain when our clients want to slash our prices so how is this different? It's not just the cost of the flowers, you have to pay for the time, creativity and the effort as well. And it wouldn't be fair for you to get their ideas and do it yourself.

I was so convicted. Hubby is the best. He is a just man who will only do to others what he would others do to him. I am so proud of him.

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