Monday, May 5, 2008

No Mommy's Song

They write and sing such beauiful songs, songs like "Butterfly Kisses" and "Cinderella," for daughters on their wedding day. But do you notice something, they are always from the daddy's perspective. Why no mommy's song?

You know why? That's because mom is too busy bawling her eyes out at her daughter's wedding to be able to sing!

A mom is a bundle of conflicting emotions at her daughter's wedding. She is happy that her baby has found someone special. At the same time she is sad because she is giving her baby away.

Yup, daddies give their daughters away at weddings but it's the mommies who feel the pain.

A thousand and one questions are running through her mind. Can he be trusted to make her happy? Could he deliver on the promises he is making? Will he cherish and love her for the rest of their lives? Am I losing a daughter or gaining a son?

Imagine the stress, want to cry and want to laugh and all the while have to keep on smiling. If summore have to sing, sure choke to death wan. That's why no mommy's song.


cuilin said...

i'm happy bout it. =)

Melsong said...

So nice to have you drop by. I never thought I'd have visitors. Only blog for fun and use it to sort of keep diary.