Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Man Is The Best

Last night I threw a tantrum because I could not find the speakers for my com. After a rampage through the cupboards I drew blood when the corner of a box file cut me down the front of my shin. Finally found out that I had given the speakers to my daughter. So forgetful and all the madness for nothing.

I'm ashamed for all that childishness but the point of this post is to sing the praise of my man. He is so sweet. Today he bought me new speakers so I won't be "mung chung." He's one in a million and I love him so very much.

That reminded me of a time long ago when he asked me to hold his brand new portable CD player while he was attending to something else and
I dropped it! I don't know how it happened but it just slipped out of my hand.

This was back in those days when CDs first came on the scene so it was expensive and high end techie stuff. Any other husband would have had a fit but my man just said, "I should not have passed it to you." I am well known for being klutzy, especially around electronic stuff, but can you believe it, he took the blame when it was my fault.

My darling, you're the best!

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