Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Prawn-mise Fulfilled

A week ago there was a morning when Hubby had to go over to the mainland to meet a client. As usual I waited for his call to notify me whether I were to go for lunch on my own or wait for him.

First he called to say that he was in his way back. Then he called again to say that the client was taking him to eat Udang Galah. :(

When he came back he was singing the praises of the fresh and delicious prawns that he had for lunch and he promised to take me there. Well, yesterday he did! It was a prawn-mise fulfilled.

The town of Nibong Tebal situated on the edge of the muddy Kerian River

Another view of the river showing the thick swathes of nibong plants along its banks that gave the town its name

The unpretentious facade of the Lim Aik Chew, the shop famous for its prawn dishes

Poor things! These fresh water prawns eventually ended up on our table.

Lunch is served!
Top left to right: the famous curry and steamed garlic prawns.
Middle left to right: chunky slices of bread to mop up the curry with sugar-cane drinks (in the background) to quench our thirst on a hot afternoon; fish fried to perfection and served with 3-flavoured sauce.
Bottom left to right: simple stir-fried Yau Mak and a cup of thick, smooth local coffee to complete our meal

The colours for the pictures of the food look a bit off because I accidentally activated one of the colour filters. And I didn't realised it until Hubby pointed it out to me. So blur.

I normally don't drink local coffee so I was pleasantly surprised that I like taste of the local coffee here. I also don't eat bread that is not toasted and I have not touched the fake plastic stuff called margarine in years. Imagine how amazed I was that I enjoyed the taste of bread with Planta and kaya.

Enjoying bread with Planta margarine and home made kaya

Maybe it's the novelty of eating at a new place or the excitement of taking a road trip and going out of the island. I don't know. But whatever it was, the four of us, God-daughter, God-son-in-law, Hubby and I, really pigged out on our meal.

It was well worth the trip.

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