Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our First Okoberfest

Last Friday we attended our very first Oktoberfest ever despite our most gallant efforts to evade the "invitation". We were finally cornered and coerced into buying tickets for the event.

At first Hubby didn't want to go for the dinner but I persuaded him otherwise. After all, we still have to eat dinner. No point in letting the tickets go to waste, right?

So the plan was to just go for dinner and then leave.

Our plates piled high with green salad, German potato salad, laugen bread, sausages, barbecued meats, sauerkraut, and chicken mushroom pie. Hubby's had additional egg fried rice.

Here we are trying to eat in the midst of the noise and behind us you can see the band in the background oom pah pah-ing away. There were also pretty girls dressed as bar maids in frilly short skirts moving among the crowd but we didn't get around to taking any photos with the sweet young things.

We left immediately after dinner as planned and on our way out we met the President of the club. When he saw the bottles of soft drink and water in our hands he said, "It's a crime to drink this at Oktoberfest!"

Well, at least we give face and turned up.

A photo proof of the "criminals" leaving the Oktoberfest party with their illicit drinks.

Unfortunately Hubby woke up with a bad headache the next morning. He claimed that it was a hangover!

I don't know how that could have happened when ne'er a drop of beer or anything remotely alcoholic passed our lips last night. Maybe it's the beer fumes in the air. Or could it be the Sprite?

Anyway, I think this will be our first and last Oktoberfest ever.

P.S Can you believe it? I didn't even know that Oktoberfest was spelt this way until I took a closer look at signage in the photo of us below the arch at the entrance. All the while I was spelling it as Octoberfest while I was writing the post. *blush*

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