Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Extraordinary Sunday Worship Service

Today we had an extraordinary Sunday worship service line-up and it all started with our Senior Pastor spraining his back yesterday. 

By evening he was still in pain and so the SOS went out for Bro. Koay to take over the preaching for him and for me to conduct the Holy Communion. 

When I went to church this morning, I went looking for Grace Tan, the worship leader, to find out when she is going to pass over the service for me to conduct the Holy Communion. Lo and behold! I was told that she had fallen sick that very morning and that Melissa was taking over the worship leading. 

So this morning we had an unprecedented occasion in TOP where we had a replacement worship leader, a replacement Holy Communion leader and a replacement preacher. All on the same day. We just stepped up and into our roles and it's "business" as usual even when the Senior Pastor is not around.

That is wisdom of training up and empowering lay leaders to do the work of the ministry. No panic. No running around like a chicken without its head. No problem. 

Well done, TOP!

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