Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today I made a total of 44 mini-mooncakes using new moulds I couldn't resist buying because the patterns are so pretty. They are also a teeny bit bigger than the micro mini ones I bought earlier so the yield was less 22:30.

See the pretty patterns.

After my first successful attempt at making snow skin mooncakes two weeks ago I felt confident enough and in an adventurous mood to experiment with new combinations today.

  • Coffee snow skin with tiramisu filling

  • Green tea snow skin with lotus paste and kuaci

  • White snow skin with black sesame filling a la Michael Jackson

  • Pink snow skin with honey and longan filling

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!


Anonymous said...

They look like nice combinations aunty :)

Melsong said...

Thank you. I like the Michael Jackson black sesame with white snow skin very much.