Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cafe Hopping

Jewel is back for the holidays so we had a night out cafe hopping along Green Hall Road.

We had dinner at Kaffa and then adjourned to another cafe further up the road (cannot remember the name) for Crepe Mille cakes and drinks.

Baby Brother and I with our desserts in the foreground; bottom fr left to right, BBQ Ribs, Portobello Mushroom Pasta and some Philly Cheese Sandwich with something something

I took photos of Baby Sis and Jewel but not with my camera. Hence no photos of them.

Our table at Kaffa

I think I've seen a red tv like this before

Darth Vader was hiding in the corner

I would love to play with this!


notenotingnoted said...

We used to have a red tv like that.

Melsong said...

Issit? I cannot remember. Must korek more memories from you.