Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Age Has Its Privileges

At the Immigration Department Hubby dropped me to get our queue numbers while he parked the car.

I was asked our ages before the officer issued us our queue numbers. When I told him my age he looked skeptical and asked again, "Kamu 57?"

I'd like to think that he was skeptical because I look younger than my age. :) Impossible that I look older than my age, right? Haha, such ego, tak malu.

Anyway he issued us two different sets of queue numbers.

My queue number

Hubby's queue number

There were only 3 persons ahead of me and I had finished the renewal process and paid my fees by 9:50am. It only took 12 minutes!

I was told to come back at 11:45 to collect my passport. No priority for senior citizens so it was a longer wait here. About an hour.

Poor Hubby only managed to reach the counter at 1:50pm. After waiting more than 4 hours!

I believe the thought of a long wait in the overcrowded, stuffy and poorly ventilated Immigration Office (imagine the amount of germs and bacteria in the air! "shudder") is surely incentive for more people to opt for a passport lasting 5 years instead of 2 years.

Our timing was bad. Online renewal used to be available. Dunno why they stopped the service.

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