Monday, October 18, 2010

TOP's 32nd Anniversary Bowling Competition

This year we celebrated TOP's 32nd Anniversary yesterday with a difference. We still had the usual combined service but after that the whole church - both the Hokkien and the English congregations, the old and the young - adjourned to BJ Bowl for our first ever bowling competition.

Members getting ready for the competition

We managed to form 35 teams of 5 players per team. There was even a pastors' team and we even managed to persuade our guest speaker Pastor Clement Wong to stay back and take the place of one of our players who was away to KL. I, with my injured finger, also also had to take the place of another player who went down to KL for the weekend.

Combined GLO photo comprising 4 teams
- Power GLO,
Super GLO, Mighty GLO and Wonder GLO.

Many people commented that the names of our teams reminded them of washing powder. Maybe that's why some of us ended up being "cuci longkang" specialists.

But we didn't do too badly considering the fact that all of us were amateurs, most of us have not bowled for the past ten or twenty years and some have never bowled before. Power GLO was runner up for the title of best team and they lost to a team whose members came with their own shoes and bowling balls. So we're actually the best even if I say so myself.

Power GLO members with their medals

Pastor Clement, our anniversary guest speaker,
with Sean Hooi a.k.a Super Hero, Wonder GLO's team leader

Don't know what this is but I like it

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