Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheongsam Night

Last Saturday was our ex-neighbour's son's wedding. The dress code for the wedding dinner was 'Traditional' so we obediently put on our cheongsams.

In our traditional best

It was a shame that few of the guests bothered with the dress code. Which goes to show that trying to impose a dress code is a pretty pointless exercise. At least in Penang.

I was very impressed by the couple's ability to enjoy the moment despite the embarrassment of forgetting the guest list and having their guests stand outside the hall for almost an hour. In the end they simply declared free seating for all, apologized for the boo-boo and carried on with the evening.

Some couples could have easily allowed this problem to spoil their big night but all I saw were happy smiles on their faces. I salute you Ee Keong & wife!

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