Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Actual Birthday

Today is my actual birthday which makes it an occasion just waiting to happen. I simply cannot allow this day to just go by without any fanfare so I created one. I decided to have a laksa party at the office.

My dearest sis ordered, collected and delivered the laksa. Although darling hubby begged to disagree, everyone declared that it is simply the best laksa in town. Someone liked it so much that she ate four packets!

All the prepacked laksa

My dearest sis, who turned laksa lady for the day

All busy enjoying the laksa

A few were on the other side of the hall

It's good!

Another thumb's up

Since hubby went without lunch, he took me out for tea when he went for his late lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the roti kiap with kaya and butter (actually margarine) with kopi O peng for my tea time treat.


Then we rushed back to the office 'cos my colleagues had promised me another cake to make up for the tong chiang cake that was such a disappointment to me on the day of my party. But first they made me close my eyes. Then they led me into the room. When I opened my eyes there was no cake! Those rascals hid the cake.

Close your eyes. You can open them
when you are in front of the cake. All tipu wan!

All was forgiven when I laid eyes on the cake. It was such a pretty daisy cake that we put the candles around the cake instead of on top of it in order not to spoil the lovely flowers. Despite all the care taken, we eventually destroyed all the flowers when we devoured the delicious carrot walnut cake.

I like my pretty daisy cake

Closeup of the cake

The cake with candles around it

In front of my pretty cake and surrounded by friends

A compulsory siao siao picture for the occasion

Hubby joins in to sing "Happy Birthday"

Then it was time for presents. I had to act surprised 'cos I was actually given a budget from my colleagues to shop for my present so I knew what it was. But where is the fun if you open a present without a look of surprise, right?

My presents

I think I did a good job of acting surprised

A pair of Nike Lunarswift to get me running

So after eating non-stop the whole day I guess it's time to put on my running shoes. But not today 'cos, after all, it's my birthday.

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