Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday In Brief

I had the bestest birthday party ever yesterday. Those who could performed a magic show, a song or a dance, some even many dances. The rest who could and would joined in whenever participation was called for.

The food was simply sumptuous and the service tip top. E&O Hotel is the best.

However, my kebaya-inspired cake was a total, complete and absolute disaster. For the past few years I've been ordering the most beautiful and delicious royal icing cakes from Sunflower and every time they have delivered to my satisfaction and even beyond my expectation. But not this time.

The cake was hideous and so "tong chiang", as my 'bee would put it. The colours were so jeng and the best way to describe the flowers on the cake would be something you would see on those paper houses at Chinese funerals.

And I am so touched that almost all my guests cooperated by turning up in kebayas. For some of them it's their first kebaya purchase so that's my contribution towards July's Heritage Month celebration. So sweet of them.

As you can see there are no pictures in this post because they are all in other cameras. More updates later.

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