Friday, March 17, 2017

Good Training

My grandchildren are great trainers. 

On my last visit to them, I had the rare opportunity to sleep with Grandchildren for 3 nights and they have managed, in that short time, to train me to wake up at 6:45am every morning. 

As a reward, I have a glorious sunrise to greet me today and everyday... if I can get myself out of bed. 

Abba Father, thank you for waking me up to another new day. Thank you for giving us another beautiful sunrise to enjoy. Thank you for the birds singing in the trees and the gentle drip drop of the rain that has come and gone. 

You are a wonderful God, full of wisdom, and rich in grace and mercy who has given us all good things to enjoy. My heart overflows with thanksgiving and I want to declare that I love you Father! 

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