Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Visit to a Hawaiian Church

On 9 October 2011, which was our second Sunday at Maui, we had the privilege of attending a Hawaiian church at South Kihei Road.

This kind lady took 8 of us to church. That's the church behind us. 
She had to make 2 trips.

 The church also calls itself 
"The Little Church by the Ocean Spray"

 The church bulletin

 One of the musicians with her ukelele

The whole service was so laid-back and casual. We were each given a flower to wear in our hair and most of the people involved in worship were bare-footed!

The service started out with the members of the congregation choosing songs and choruses from a song book for the band to play and the whole church to sing along. Then they sang their church song.

After that the they blew the conch shell and the service proper started with a procession of Hawaiian girls saying some chant in Hawaiian followed by an elder and the Pastor who came down the aisle with a staff in his hand. That reminded me of Moses and his rod.

 One of the many hula dances during the service.

Click here to see the hula dancers dancing to the church's theme song.

 An elder (or was he the ex-pastor?) 
giving announcements barefooted! 

Shaking hands with the pastor. Notice the staff in his hand.

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