Wednesday, December 7, 2011

24th Peranakan Convention in Penang

I did not sign up for the whole convention but only appeared for those events where I have a part to play.

Somehow the convention this year did not stir up as much exceitement for me as the one held in Phuket last year. Baby Sis also shared my sentiments. Going away for a convention helps because the novelty is missing when you are on home ground.

25 November 2011
Sunset Welcome Dinner-By-The-Sea at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel

 Dressed for the beach

 Dressed to participate in the mock "sang jit" ceremony

26 November 2011
Gala Dinner and Dance at Khoo Kongsi

We were dressed in "baju panjang" for our dance

 We couldn't resist fooling around with the sedan chair

 More fooling around

 Our scarf dance

27 November 2011
Baba Nyonya Morning Bazaar at Upper Penang Road

Fan dance from the Sayang-sayang Nyonya Dancers

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