Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Reunion Dinner No.1

Last night we had a reunion dinner with my sister-in-law from Singapore. She has to be with her husband's family for the actual reunion on the eve of Chinese New Year but every year, without fail, she will come up to have reunion with us.

Tom Yam Bihun all the way from Singapore for our appetizer

Halfway through our meal. Very susah, always forget to take photo.

I think all the lang-li-ker-lang karaoke from the company dinner
that night affected us

This is just the first of many reunions we shall be having. And the reason for soooo many reunions is to cater for the married daughters who would otherwise miss out on seeing family members and catching up with all the happenings for the past year.

Next reunion is on Monday night and it'll be with my brother and sister and parents if they were still around. Then there'll be the actual reunion on CNY eve with the Songs followed by another Tong reunion with my dad's siblings.


RR said...

Wow Yummy! I love Asian dishes...

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Melsong said...

Yup! Nothing like Asian food especially Penang food.