Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Croaking at the Karaoke

Dancing Queen just caught the karaoke bug so last night she rallied 'Bee and me for a karaoke session at Red Box.

Dancing Queen and I have a limited repertoire when it comes to songs that we can sing independently without the singer. We know the chorus for most songs but fail miserably with the verses.

We also have trouble getting the right key if there is no intro that includes some tune from the song. That effectively axed out all the John Denver songs with acoustic guitar chord intros.

'Bee left the room at one point to get dinner. When she came back the song had changed and, much to her horror, she found the two of us singing our hearts out oblivious to the fact that we were both singing in different keys, and neither of us were in sync with the key for the music!

The only musical one amongst us was 'Bee so she had her hands full most of the evening trying to get us in the right key. With her help we managed to avert the indignity of being asked to leave the place.

How la to go karaoke liddat?

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