Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Running Here and There

This blog has been dead for quite some time due to my running here and there.

29 April - 4 May
Attended the Haggai Institute Alumni Association Malaysia's National Leadership Seminar and came back revived and recharged. When I went I had no intention of applying to go to Maui but I left determined to make it there.

All 28 of us at the seminar with the Resident Coordinator,
committee members and some facilitators

Receiving my certificate from
Dr Benjamin George, President of HIAAM

Ok there is a long break here
but I was kept busy preparing my Mother's Day sermon
and attending meetings here and there,
doing all the busy body business.

22 May - 24 May
Went down for a disappointing West Side story production at Istana Budaya on Saturday. But all was not lost, 'cos the next day 'bee and I had a fantastic evening with Lea Salonga. We should have pooled the money from West Side Story and gotten better seats nearer the stage.

The lady can really sing and she is so versatile. She sang a Lady Gaga number (don't know title) which we enjoyed and she enjoyed as well. She was jumping on stage in her evening gown!

Then Lillian and I spent the next two days packing up for my 'bee. She is moving but she's so busy that we ended up being her movers. Let me tell you this...only mothers or fairy god-mothers would do things like that.

27 May
Sent my babee off to Australia. Won't be seeing her for the next 88 days. Many missings her.

With bee at the airport

30 May - 1 June
Drove down to KL, Putrajaya and Malacca. This time I'm the one playing fairy god-mother.

Putrajaya is the worst planned city I've ever been to. There is no parking available at the Ministry of Higher Education so we parked by the road side. We did not want to run the risk being hemmed in by other cars at the vacant lot because people were double-parked all over the place. There was a parking ticket waiting for us when we came out and so we had to pay the summons before leaving for Malacca.

We stayed at the Baba House and we fell in love with Malacca. We went for a river cruise and couldn't help comparing the clean river with our smelly and polluted Sungai Pinang or the well-maintained houses by the river side with the dilapidated houses and ugly factories that line our Penang rivers.

At the balcony overlooking the air-well at the Baba House

The starting point for the river cruise
A kind French tourist took this photo of the 3 of us at the riverside cafe

We also went kebaya shopping and I even bought myself a pair of manik shoes. We'll definitely come back to Malacca.

8 - 9 June
Attended my first General Council at Metro Tabernacle Church's new sanctuary at Batu Caves.

Metro Tabernacle, Batu Caves

After that the month of June simply slipped away and now it's July.
Second half of 2010.

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