Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aidan Loh Came to Visit

Yesterday Aidan Loh came to the office. He is such an adorable baby! Pam will be so jealous when she sees this.

Aidan is such a happy baby, gurgling and laughing away even when he was passed from one person to another. But by the time he came into my arms it was already time for his nap. Hence no smile. But I'm just thankful there were no tears.


pamsong said...

Wei Lun and Zoe's??

Zou said...

Pam, since when Wei Lun got new wife?

pamsong said...

HAHAHA. Shaits.

Melsong said...

Hi Zou,

The spelling for your name always eludes me as well.

BTW, did I get the spelling right for baby's name?