Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honest, Happy & Hard-working

Our good friend Joseph shared with us three things to look for in a husband.

Beyond the standard requirements like love for God, good character, intelligence etc, look for an honest man. Someone who lives by the truth and whose word is always the simple, unadorned, unvarnished truth.

Someone who is also able to take the truth when confronted with it because some people are good at dishing out the truth at others but cannot take the heat when they are on the receiving end. It's impossible living with someone who cannot face reality and is in constant denial. It is just as bad if you have to watch what you say all the time in order to protect the fellow's fragile ego.

Look for a happy man. Someone who is happy with himself and does not have to look to others to make him happy. People who need others to make them happy will be looking for the next agent of happiness when they no longer feel "happy" with you. Further more it's an impossible, uphill task being responsible for someone's happiness.

Look for a hard-working man. Someone who is willing to work hard will not starve.

So young girls, choose well and you'll have a wonderful marriage.


Whaley Bear said...

Amen to that, Aunt Mel!

Pam has found one Honest, Happy and Hard-Working one, I better catch up soon!


Melsong said...

I believe God has someone in store for you as well.

ViveAlive said...

Another good criteria is to see the way he takes care of his mum and dad...that will eventually shows how he will take care of his spouse.

Melsong said...

Yup, you are right. At the same time must learn to leave and cleave as well or else there will be too many people in the marriage. Then susah also.

estherlauderlyn said...

Eh what happened to 'most of all, must love his dog?' I use that as a benchmark ok! If my man doesnt like dogs I won't marry him one you know!

Melsong said...

He'll get a dog for your sake then!